Welcome in world of space saver wheels and under engine covers!

We offer EXTRA accessories
for vehicles of all brands.
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Space saver wheels

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Under engine covers

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We export from the Czech Republic to the following countries:

Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Romania, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Slovenia, Sweden and Austria. In each of these countries we have a functioning branch.

600 m2 warehouse size – Opava

The widest assortment of space saver wheels and covers under the engine. More than 3700 pieces on one place.

5000 pcs Tires saved

Thanks to our products, clients do not have to buy new tires every year

B2B cooperation

Are you a car repair shop or other company that sells on the Internet and are you interested in our product range?

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About us

Extradeon s.r.o. is a specialist and Czech leader in the field of special car accessories (space saver wheels and under engine covers).
Our company was founded in 2011 out of passion for cars and efforts to offer an alternative quality replacement to the originals on the market - just something extra. In the case of freewheels, we save more than 1,000 hours of time for our clients each year by waiting for the vehicle to be towed or the mechanic to arrive. In the case of engine covers, we protect our clients' chassis from adverse weather and corrosion. This prevents unnecessary consumption and the need to purchase new parts.

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Who is ready is not surprised.

Give your car something eXtra!
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